Batting Cages

TWO INDOOR CAGES equipped with state of the art pitching machines, netting, turf and lighting


Pitching MachineEach Cage is equipped with A JUGS Combination Pitching Machine which throws baseballs, softballs, and tennis balls. With the Combo, you receive two sets of legs — long straight legs for baseball and tennis, and short curved legs for softball. That means your hitters see every pitch thrown from a realistic release point.

  • Has quick and easy speed adjustment and throws from 20-104 mph.
  • It’s portable and easy to move and set up.
  • Its patented “gooseneck” design provides full range of movement to adjust for all types of pitches, including fastballs, curves, sliders and split-finger fastballs.

There is a fully equipped concession stand available to serve refreshments.

Pitching MachineA complete multimedia availability including a 60” flat screen television
with video camera hook up permits you to preview past and present games.

This central heating and air conditioned facility provides a comfortable atmosphere during all seasons.

The cages can be rented for:

  • Hitting
  • Pitching
  • Fielding
  • Golf Swing
  • Camps
  • Clinics

*This recreation center is ideal for pre-season and (or) post season team gatherings

$25 – 1 hour (2 person max – $5 each additional person)
$15 – ½ hour (2 person max – $5 each additional person)
Special team and league rates are available


Showing Blue Base Color


$60.00 per tee, variety of base color options


Please call 315 381-3310   for more information