One 100’ X 64’ indoor Gymnasium equipped with the following:

84’ X 50’ official basketball court dimensions from Junior High School to College complete with the 3 point arc for each level.

Official markings to accommodate volleyball

An user-friendly scoreboard for basketball, volleyball and wrestling.

Bleachers for spectators and separate team seating

There is a complete sound system throughout, along with a wireless microphone for introductions and broadcasting games making it a more exciting experience for the players and spectators.

There is a fully equipped concession stand available to serve refreshments.

This central heating and air conditioned facility provides a comfortable atmosphere during all seasons.

The Gymnasium can be rented out for:

  • Games
  • Practices
  • Tournaments
  • Leagues
  • Clinics
  • Camps
  • Pre-season or post season team gatherings
  • Fund Raising and Social Events

League Rate 
Prices will vary – Looking to start leagues for all ages

Please call 315 381-3310   for more information